Friday, August 21, 2009

Colorado Rockies from Wildernest

Poppies at Wildernest near Silverthorne

Flowers do well in the mountains of Colorado.

Gray Jay

One morning, on our hike back from Lily Pad Lake, we saw several Gray Jays.

Lily Pad Lake, Arapaho National Forest

When we hiked from the condos into Arapaho National Forest, our destination and turnaround point was Lily Pad Lake.

Meadows between the Condo and Arapaho National Forest

These pictures are of the area between the condos and Arapaho National Forest. My friend saw a Moose one morning last August feeding on the meadow.

Steller's Jay

When we returned to the condo that afternoon there were Steller's Jays feeding at the tube feeder.

White-lined Sphinx Hummingbird Moth

We spotted this White-lined Sphinx Hummingbird Moth, flying between flowers as we walked through Keystone.

Scenes in Keystone, Colorado

After hiking at Loveland Pass we came down to Keystone for lunch. There are flowers everywhere in Keystone and a beautiful mountain stream is at the edge of town. The dog in the third picture down from the top had just completed taking an inpromptu bath in the stream, and was still wet.

Pica and Yellow-bellied Marmot

On our hike above Loveland Pass we encountered a Pica (top picture) and a Yellow-bellied Marmot.

Inukshuk at Loveland Pass, Colorado

A family from near Toronto, Ontario made an Inuit Inukshuk (stone landmark) along the trail at Loveland Pass.