Monday, August 30, 2010

Minnesota's Sibley State Park....August 2010

Last week I took a short vacation to Minnesota, a place I've traveled to in August eighteen of the last twenty-one Summers. I camped in state parks with my first stop being Sibley where I spent two nights. Sibley State Park was established in 1919, it was named for Minnesota's first governor, Henry Sibley, who enjoyed spending time in the area. The Civilian Conservation Corps known as the CCC did extensive work in the park beginning in 1935, they constructed roads and trails and also built several stone and log "rustic style" buildings. The area of the park is on the Alexandria Moraine which runs in a fairly narrow band through west-central Minnesota and is characterized by lakes, high hills, and forest. It's a beautiful place to spend time in late August.

Lake Andrew...swimming beach and boat dock

West end of Lake Andrew

Bee on a Wild Aster

The next three photos are of buildings erected by the CCC in the 1930s. Note the stone drinking fountain, there are many throughout the park.

Water tower

Beautiful workmanship which has stood the test of time.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird near the Visitor Center

A stand of Paper Birch near the Campground

Interpretive Center


A small lake behind the Interpretive Center

Observation Deck on Mount Tom...highest point in the park

White-tailed Deer along the trail

A view from the top of the Mount Tom Observation Deck

Lily Pads

Water Lily bloom