Saturday, August 22, 2009

Scenes in Glenwood Springs

Historic Train Station (1904)

Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge and Hotel Colorado

Boarding the California Zephyr

When we got to Glenwood Springs we had time before I boarded the California Zephyr to look around and have lunch. The train came into town a little early, but didn't leave until the scheduled time. There were several Amish that got on the train, you can see them in the last picture. I rode much of the time in the observation car, which is the one with the curved glass. The train follows the Colorado River for around half the route between Glenwood Springs and Denver, passing through beautiful Glenwood Canyon and other canyons. When we reached Denver I got off and walked around the downtown area for a little while, the train pulled out of Union Station just after sunset. I got back to Lincoln at 4:30 a.m. the next morning, got a cab to my pickup and then on home. I had a great time in Colorado and the train adventure on the California Zephyr was a very enjoyable and relaxing way to travel. The top picture is of the historic train station built in 1904, the second picture shows both the Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge in the foreground and the Hotel Colorado (beyond the Lodge and higher up), the hotel was built in 1893, patterned after the Villa de Medici in Rome.

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  1. Nice to hear from you. You do some nice work with the camera. Nice scenery. I will study the photos more closely tomorrow. Just wanted to say hi again and thank you for the call. I am glad for your blog and have it on my list of blogs to connect with. Let me know what camera you have. Thanks for telling me about Frank's death. He always said it was amazing that youth lived past age 18 because of the daring nature of youth. Take some photos of around Linn. I like to see the old stomping grounds. I am a photographer that goes for the people pictures. I need to get into more scenery. I have enjoyed my drawing classes the last year and half. Nice to be in touch with you. You have inspired me to enjoy the Amtrack. Nile in Lincoln.